The Museum am Bach is a contemporary art museum acting as an art-based research on social systems. It`s aim is to find the convergance of artistic research and social antropology/ philosophy.

Museum am Bach is collecting social models within the world of art and in doing so, it introduces a new kind of museum. The aim is to focus particularly on the type of political art, which first gained recognition after documenta 5. Even earlier, around 1900, artists had begun to sketch out new ways of political interactions. The vision behind collecting and putting together an archive is to research social models in depth.

In 2014, a handful of friends who are convinced that museums of the future would have the power to be inclusive instead of exclusive, to gather and assemble, worked together on account of the foundation of MaB. Their mission is to introduce a contemporary, holistic consciousness of society, one that is accurate for the current global age.

United Communities is at the center of the MaB collections, founded by artist, museologist and director Alex Samyi. Inspired by Bahá’i principles, this vision foresees local communities, whether big or small, to unite globally and to manifest museums as their new political centres. This is a reference to Joseph Beuys’ action Honey Pump at the Workplace: all issues concerning the community shall be addressed and openly discussed at regular town meetings taking place in communal spaces like libraries or cultural institutions. These consultations or any elections would be incorporated into a global system with a bottom-to-top organisation.

The venue is an old mill in a small village in southern Carinthia named Ruden. Up until 2003, the mill, also known as Egger-Mühle, used to be a bakery. The building`s exciting architectural mix of low and high ceilings, as well as antique and modern spaces, creates an appealing atmosphere. The museum opened on July 28, 2014, the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI.



Das Museum am Bach in Ruden sammelt soziale Modelle und Utopien der Kunst. Seine Mission ist, ein neuartig ganzheitliches Bewusstsein der Gesellschaft herzustellen. Wechselnde Themenausstellungen, immer zwischen April und Oktober sind neben Residencies Teil der künstlerischen Forschung, die hier betrieben wird. Das biennale Kunstperformance-Festival, die „Ruden Live Art“ wurde erstmals 2015 veranstaltet. Eröffnet wurde das Museum am 28. Juli 2014 mit der Ausstellung „Slow! Erster Weltkrieg Dada“.


  1. Mission: Herstellung eines neuartig ganzheitlichen Gesellschaftsbewusstseins.
  2. Vision: Die UC/ Weltunion der Gemeinden mit den Museen als neue politische Zentren.


1. Qualität der Kommunikation (C).
2. Horizonte des Denkens und Handelns – Framing – ideologische Ausrichtung (I).
3. Individuelle Rechte (R).

Das Herzstück der Sammlung sind die UC – United Communities des Museumsgründers Alex Samyi.

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